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ETL to STL Migration

Traditional ETL pipelines are batch driven and often consist of a fragmented architecture that is difficult to manage and includes lots of software or microservices to make data usable. Fluvio users can now migrate to Stream, Transform and Load (STL) pipelines, where transformation happens in real time before events are loaded into a database or data lake. Deploy SmartModules on the source or sink connectors to transform and structure data within your STL pipeline. ETL to STL migration reduces the cost and complexity of your architecture.


How do we solve this?

InfinyOn Cloud makes ETL to STL migration effortless by utilizing Web Assebmbly to perform real-time transformations. Data engineers can build modern applications with event stream processing and data transformation in a single unified cluster. Build innovative SmartModules with our Hub to ensure data quality with distributed intelligence and centralized control.

For more information on our Web Assembly technology please see our SmartModules documentation.