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InfinyOn - Intelligent Data Streaming Platform
Fastest way to actionable data.
Extract, shape and enrich your events in real-time with programmable data pipelines. Get started today with InfinyOn Cloud. No infrastructure management required.
Why InfinyOn?
Data ages quickly. Industry leaders across all verticals spend significant time and resources implementing real-time services to improve operations, delight customers, and gain a competitive edge. InfinyOn Cloud is a modern event stream processing engine that accelerates time to value with real-time data.
Distributed stream processing with single digit millisecond latency.
Extract relevant events with smart connectors and filter out the rest.
Transform data in usable form, xml-to-json, html-to-json, or json-to-avro.
Enrich data sources to identify market trends, pinpoint customer behavior, and more.
Real-time Continuous Intelligence Platform
Source Connectors for Data Collection Pipelines
Launch real-time and continuous stream processing applications by putting your data in motion with InfinyOn Cloud or Fluvio open-source software. Bridge data silos and set up real-time connectivity with data collection pipelines.
Data Transformation with SmartModules
SmartModules are a unique feature that allows users to build programmbale data pipelines. Shape or tranform your data with precision. SmartModlues leverage WebAssembly (WASM) and can be deployed on source or sink connectors, on producers or consumers and within the SPU.
Stream Processing Units Designed for Horizontal Scale
High performance Stream Processing Units (SPUs) work in unison with other SPUs to manage replicas, manage local storage, receive data from producers, and send data to consumers.
Sink Connectors for Data Distribution Pipelines
Quickly build data distribution pipelines that power your applications, microservices, and business intelligence tools.
Data in Motion | Smart Data Pipelines | Smart Connectors
Key concepts
Data in Motion
Leveraging data in motion is significantly more effective than leveraging data at rest. Important business events are often stored in a database and have to be queried with batch processing at a later date for analytics and intelligence. Now companies can put data in motion with InfinyOn Cloud, a fully managed Fluvio service. Developers and data engineers can quickly build real-time services that produce exceptional customer experiences and enhanced operations by putting their data in motion.
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Smart Data Pipelines
Move compute to data, not data to compute with smart data pipelines that combine stream processing, data transformation and analytics all in a single unified cluster. Users have direct control over their data streams and can easily extract, shape and enrich data to meet business needs. Simplify your data streaming architecture and eliminate the need for complex ETL tools.
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Smart Connectors
InfinyOn Cloud smart connectors are components that may be deployed to import or export streaming data from or to applications, databases or data lakes. Smart connectors are packaged and distributed as Docker images, allowing for portability and consistency from a deployment perspective, and simplicity and flexibility from a development perspective. Smart connectors leverage WebAssembly (Wasm) to improve data quality with filter, mapping and aggregation capabilities that reduce cost and complexity.
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