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Greg Orr

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A recent Forrester report published in Forbes reveals that 90% of enterprise leaders understand the importance of real-time insights and 84% think that being able to execute real-time course corrections is vital to the long-term success of their organizations. This opens the door for CDOs and data leaders to drive innovation and play an even more critical role across e-staff. They must turn data into key insights and insights into value that result in actionable business decisions. But do data teams have a platform that keeps pace with the internal time and cost demands of managing more complex, ever-changing data? Can they continue helping their company grow and maintain brand loyalty by delivering real-time insights?

Stop Falling Behind your Data

Data ages quickly. Industry leaders across many verticals are striving for real-time services to improve operations, delight customers, and gain a competitive edge. Yet, most enterprises still rely on a message broker (or log aggregator) to ingest their data into databases, data lakes, or log managers, then perform batch processing to gain analytical insights. The batch processing approach is just too slow for many of the time critical decisions facing today’s organizations.

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Periodic Lookup vs. Continuous Delivery

“Periodic Lookup” is where data is streamed to a data store as quickly as possible, to be then queried for insights at recurring intervals. But how often should you query: every minute, every hour? Also, as data accumulates, how much time does it take for the query to return? Batch processing is simply too slow when customer attention span is measured in low digit seconds. Andrew Lerner of Gartner cites the average downtime cost of $5,600 p/minute. Time and delays processing queries grows exponentially as the volumes of data increases.

In today’s data-driven organizations, time-to-value is measured in milliseconds rather than hours. “Continuous Delivery” is when data insights are harvested in real time, while being streamed from users and services in the network. Continuous Delivery enables faster decision making, rapid response-to- market changes, personalized customer marketing and better customer service. Real-Time Matters.

A Better Way

Giants like Amazon, Netflix, Google and Alibaba maintain competitive advantages reacting in real time. So why do 97% of companies struggle to roll out real-time services? The root cause is a lack of intelligent infrastructure. Real-time services and insights require a deep stack of intelligent tools and services that need significant time, skill, and cost to build, deploy and operate.

That's the problem we have solved at InfinyOn.

We’ve developed a programmable and scalable Cloud-native Continuous Intelligence Platform that processes data in real time. InfinyOn helps Enterprises detect, react, and respond to meaningful events in milliseconds vs. hours, days and weeks while integrating with your existing systems and tools. No infrastructure overhaul required! Just add your data sources, compose your intelligent pipelines in minutes and dispatch actionable events to all relevant stakeholders.

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  • Balance Data - Improve collaboration and efficiency across teams, deliver real-time event correlation and accelerate business actions.

  • Manage Change - Detect market trends and changes by your competitors and react in real time.

  • Make Smart Choices - Accelerate decisions by alerting stakeholders of unusual events and provide real-time data supporting your actions.

  • Add More Value - Produce audit decisions, identify root cause, remediate faulty operations and generate reports.

Lead with Your Data

Continuous real-time intelligence has arrived – where company performance metrics are delivered in real time, AI chatbots provide customer support 24-7 and push out special offers based on your interests, customer churn is predicted, financial transactions get automatically processed, supply chains adjust in seconds to demand fluctuations, predictive maintenance for manufacturing, IOT, Smart Cities and more.

Don’t wait to take action. Partner with InfinyOn today. Together, let’s start accelerating your speed of business by leading your data.