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Fluvio gets a version manager

T.J. Telan

T.J. Telan

Contributor, InfinyOn

GitHub stars

We are excited to present fvm (Fluvio Version Manager), a new tool designed to streamline the management of multiple versions of the Fluvio CLI tools. This tool is currently in beta, but you are welcome to try fvm out now and enjoy a simplified setup process along with the ease of switching between different Fluvio versions.

Here’s what changes are introduced with fvm:

  1. Simplified Installation: The installation script now installs fvm first, which in turn, automatically installs the rest of Fluvio for you. For newcomers, the installation procedure remains the same. However, existing users can transition to this new setup by following a straightforward guide detailed in the installation instructions.
  2. Streamlined Version Management: With fvm, the earlier challenges faced by developers and our design partners regarding Release Channels are significantly reduced, making it much simpler to handle various Fluvio versions.
  3. Seamless Integration with InfinyOn Hub: This change aligns with our goals of enhancing the capabilities of our tools and delivering them through the InfinyOn Hub.

fvm is the standard method for distributing our CLI binaries moving forward. This transition not only minimizes developer friction but also paves the way for exciting features that we plan to deliver through InfinyOn Hub.

We’re quickly working towards making fvm the standard installation method.

Here is a preview of what’s on the horizon. This is fvm installing the most recent release.

$ fvm install
info: Downloading (1/5): [email protected]
info: Downloading (2/5): [email protected]
info: Downloading (3/5): [email protected]
info: Downloading (4/5): [email protected]
info: Downloading (5/5): [email protected]
done: Installed fluvio version 0.11.4
done: Now using fluvio version 0.11.4

For a more detailed introduction check out the installation tutorial.

You can contact us through Github Discussions or our Discord if you have any questions or comments, we welcome any early feedback about fvm.