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InfinyOn Datasheets and Articles

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Educational Resources to gain deeper understanding of the InfinyOn Platform.

JUNE 14, 2023
Why Webassembly - Top WASM Benefits

Explore the top reasons why WebAssembly has the potential to eradicate the latency problems with web applications that utilize JavaScript.

JUNE 6, 2023
Industrial Automation and IoT Solution Brief

Harness the power of Industrial Automation and IoT with our solution for rapid and cost-effective real-time data pipelines.

MAY 17, 2023
The DataStack Show with A.J. Hunyady

Paradigm Shift: Batch to Data Streaming.

APRIL 28, 2023
Energy Sector Solution Brief

Rapidly and Cost-Effectively Build Real-Time Data Pipelines for the Energy Sector.

APRIL 24, 2023
WebAssembly Specification

WebAssembly or WASM is a safe, portable, low-level code format designed for efficient execution and compact representation.

MARCH 8, 2023
InfinyOn MQTT to Postgres in 10 mins

Step-by-step tutorial on building a time-sensitive data app.

MARCH 7, 2023
Real-time Pipeline Monitoring for the Energy Sector

This webinar will showcase a joint solution from Klarian and InfinyOn.

FEBRUARY 28, 2023
Rust Language Cheat Sheet

Enhance your Rust programming skills and increase your efficiency with this comprehensive Rust Language Cheat Sheet.

FEBRUARY 8, 2023
DuckCon 2023 (Lightning Talks) - Integrating DuckDB with Fluvio

Next generation stream processing with DuckDB integration.

JANUARY 4, 2023
2023 Guide to Data Streaming Use Cases

Learn about the latest and most impactful data streaming use cases in our 2023 Guide to stay ahead in the field of data management.

NOVEMBER 30, 2022
IoT Streaming Analytics with Real-time Data

Gain valuable insights and practical knowledge on how to effectively analyze real-time data streams in IoT applications by watching our webinar.

OCTOBER 31, 2022
MQTT to Postgres Use Case from Klarian

Klarian Selects InfinyOn Cloud for MQTT to Postgres Use-Case for Real-time Pipeline Monitoring.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2022
The Cost of Running Fluvio vs. Apache Kafka

Make an informed decision on your streaming infrastructure by comparing the costs of running Fluvio vs. Apache Kafka with our detailed analysis.

AUGUST 19, 2022
How to Stream Clean Data to a Kafka Topic with Fluvio

This live demo shows the power of Fluvio SmartModules for performing data aggregations and streaming clean data to a Kafka topic.

AUGUST 16, 2022
Enhance your Kafka Infrastructure with Fluvio

Learn how to perform real-time data transformations and write to a Kafka topic without the need for microservices or ETL tools.

JULY 26, 2022
Enterprise Datasheet for Fluvio OSS and InfinyOn Cloud

This datasheet covers the availability, features, benefits, performance and more.

MAY 23, 2022
KubeCon Cloud Native WASM Day Tech Talk

Building a WASM powered distributed streaming platform.

APRIL 1, 2022
Rust in 100 Seconds

Rust is a memory-safe compiled programming language for building high-performance systems.

MARCH 21, 2022
Real-Time Event Streaming and Data Transformation for Financial Services

Simplify data architectures and eliminate the need for ETL tools.

FEBRUARY 24, 2022
Introduction to Fluvio, The Programmable Platform for Data in Motion

See Fluvio open-source software in action.

FEBRUARY 15, 2022
Future Trends in Real-Time Data

Read this eBook to learn about the latest and future trends in real-time data.

FEBRUARY 8, 2022
Fluvio - The Programmable Data Platform

This eBook covers the benefits of Fluvio open source software compared to Kafka, Pulsar, Flink and Spark.

FEBRUARY 5, 2022
Accelerating the Real-Time Economy

This whitepaper covers the core elements of the real-time economy.

JANUARY 25, 2022
Why Real-Time Data Matters

This webinar covers the top 5 reasons why real-time data matters.

JANUARY 18, 2022
Enhancing ML Models with Real-time Data Pipelines

Streaming data to feed machine learning models in order to make more accurate predictions.

DECEMBER 28, 2021
InfinyOn Cloud Use Cases for Enterprises and Developers

Drive business value by increasing revenue, decreasing costs or mitigating risk with the following use cases.

DECEMBER 20, 2021
Continuous Intelligence for Chief Data Officers

Extract, detect, and react to internal or external events in real-time.

DECEMBER 13, 2021
Real-time Data Streaming | Helsinki Bus Demo

This demo shows the power of InfinyOn Cloud for real-time data streaming. We combine 2 real-time data sources from the Helsinki public transit system and predict arrival times for buses.

DECEMBER 11, 2021
Java vs. Rust Comparison

Why Fluvio was built on Rust for blazingly fast and memory-efficient performance and security.