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The Cost of Running Fluvio vs. Apache Kafka

Make an informed decision on your streaming infrastructure by comparing the costs of running Fluvio vs. Apache Kafka with our detailed analysis.

This cost-savings case study from a company revolutionizing the decentralized application space is a must-read for any business looking to scale their data streaming capabilities. With $50 million in funding, thousands of users, and growing market momentum, this company was hitting the limit with their current Kafka architecture and struggling to scale. By turning to InfinyOn and conducting a proof of concept with Fluvio, they were able to achieve significant savings.

With a use case that required data streaming and SmartModules for extensive data transformations, they estimated they would need 22,000 partitions to run their network of users. However, with Fluvio, they were able to achieve the same results while using significantly less RAM. On average, Kafka requires ~1Gb of RAM per partition, while Fluvio only requires ~50Mb of RAM per partition. This resulted in a savings of over $41k per month for the company. By viewing this case study, you’ll see the real cost savings potential of using Fluvio over traditional Kafka architecture.

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