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The Cost of Running Fluvio vs. Apache Kafka
Get insights into how to reduce the cost of running Kafka in a public cloud.

This is a cost savings case study from a company that is building a protocol for creating decentralized applications quickly on Ethereum and IPFS. They recently received $50 million in funding, have thousands of users, and are gaining significant momentum in the market. They reached out to InfinyOn because they hit the limit with their current Kafka architecture and had difficulty scaling.

They did a proof of concept with Fluvio with a use case that required data streaming and SmartModules for extensive data transformations. They’ve estimated the traffic volume would require 22,000 partitions to run their network of users. For an average traffic volume, Kafka needs ~1Gb of RAM per partition. With Fluvio, a partition requires ~50Mb of RAM. By moving to Fluvio they are able to achieve a savings of over $41k per month.

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