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Use Cases
InfinyOn accelerates the adoption of real-time services that drive business value by increasing revenue, decreasing costs or mitigating risk with the following use-cases.
Change Data Capture (CDC)
Capture changes in data stores - Postgress, Mysql, Oracle - generate events, and publish to streams.
Data Cleansing
Transform, filter, and clean data records in real-time.
Data Connectors
Connect a variety of data sources to applications for real-time analysis.
Data Protection
Secure data records of individual fields inside data records in real-time.
(ETL) Extract, Transform and Load
Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) software enables data migration between different systems.
Event Stream Processing
Perform real-time calculations on data in motion.
Fraud Detection
Detect anomalies that signal fraud in real-time, and stop fraudulent transactions.
Integrations Management
Identify which applications need to exchange data and enable these data connections
Log Analytics
Use Log Analytics to improve application and infrastructure performance.
Predictive Maintenance
The use of real-time data for predictive maintenance and a proactive strategy to monitor the performance and condition of equipment.
Real-time Content Management
Create digital experiences at scale with real-time content management and personalized recommendations.
Real-time Inventory Management
Control Inventory and fulfillment with a real-time inventory management system powered by real-time data.
Real-time Logistics Management
Deliver end-to-end supply chain visibility with real-time logistics management.
Real-time Payments
Transform to real-time payment processing and banking services with InfinyOn Cloud.
Secure Transactions
Secure transactions with real-time payments and fraud detection.
Supply Chain Automation
Manage, track, and optimize your supply chain with end-to-end orchestration of real-time data for supply chain automation.