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Event Stream Processing

Event Stream Processing is a method for performing real-time calculations for data in motion. InfinyOn Cloud offers one of the highest performing event stream processing engines on the market. High volume processing for input data can be used to clean, transfrom, correlate and derive insights from data in real-time. Common inputs for event stream processing are:

  • Bank deposits and withdrawls
  • Customer transactions
  • Insurance claims
  • Sensor data from machines or mobile devices

How do we solve this?

InfinyOn Cloud is a fully managed event stream processing SAAS product used for real-time streaming and continuous intelligence. The solution is built on top of Fluvio an open-souce software that is similar to Apache Kafka. Fluvio was built from the ground up and was written in Rust which gives enterprises a strategic advantage when considering scale and security. See our Java vs. Rust comparison for details.

InfinyOn Cloud collects data from endpoints in any geo-location with fast and efficient single digit millisecond latency. Spin up a cluster, select source and sink connectors from our catalog, configure producers and consumers, then create a topic for streaming data. SmartModules can be set up in order to aggregate, filter or map streaming data. InfinyOn Cloud makes it simple to set up, deploy and manage your cluster.

Developers can use Fluvio open-source software that offers built-in packaging for multiple operating systems, from Raspberry PI to various Linux distributions. Support for the most common programming languages makes it easy to build custom connectors to virtually any server or data store.